Interview and published article in Wired UK: Europe´s lucrative, illegal, trade in sea cucumbers is booming by Sabrina Weiss.

Europe’s lucrative, illegal, trade in sea cucumbers is booming | WIRED UK

Our company knows that it is really important to carry out outreach, informing people about the problems with the illegal catches of sea cucumbers along world but in our coasts too. The illegal fishery of NE Atlantic sea cucumber species focused mainly in Ria Formosa (South Portugal) and Cádiz (South Spain) has provoked negative effects on their wild stocks, recording local extinction of some species as Holothuria arguinensis.

A right identification of the commercial species and assessment of their stocks are mandatory to evaluate the potential of these resources; only a sustainable fishery will avoid the over-exploitation of these resources and their extinction. The importance of the development of new aquaculture projects on NE Atlantic and Mediterranean species is fundamental to cover the Asian market demand and reduce fishery effects on wild stocks.

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