FAO consultancy: Sea cucumber processing guide for Liberian species and training.


FAO (Food & Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations)


Dr. Wanguemert was also hired by FAO Subregional Office for West Africa (SFW) to create a processing guide for sea cucumbers from Liberia. This processing guide was distributed to the fishermen and processors; it is a simple but complete document showing the main steps to carry out a good processing, and explaining which are the main benefits obtained, if following this methodology. The processing guide is including for each step, a brief text and graphic illustrations (by Julia Tocino Otero) to help its understanding by fishermen, processors and divers. All attendees (mainly divers and processors) manifested the importance of this guide to improve the quality of the final product and therefore, for getting an increase of the profits.

During 3 days (12-14th April 2023), Mercedes Wangüemert carried out the training for a better sea cucumber processing into bêche-de-mer, which was received by divers (catching sea cucumbers), processors travelling with divers, fishermen processors, fishermen, fish-smoker women, NaFAA, LAFA, etc. During the training activities, Dr. Mercedes Wangüemert (International Sea Cucumber Specialist) counted on Dr. Elena Barcala’ help to explain the different processing steps, handle the sea cucumber caught by divers and carry out the processing with all attendees.

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