CUMARSUR: Sea CUcumber as new MARine reSoURce: potential for aquaculture.


FCT (Fundação para la Ciência e a Tecnologia), Portugal
European Union: Erasmus Program, EMBC (International Master of Science: Marine Biodiversity and Conservation)


Sea CUcumber as new MARine reSoURce: potential for aquaculture (CUMARSUR, PTDC/MAR-BIO/5948/2014) was funded by FCT during 3 years being Dr. Wangümert the leader of this project. The best specialists on sea cucumber aquaculture from Australia, China and French Polynesia worked with us. The main objective of CUMARSUR project was to develop new biotechnology for aquaculture of sea cucumbers from NE Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea, assessing its application for further stocking activities, potential on policultives and usefulness in the reduction of fish farm wastes.

Holothuria mammata and Holothuria arguinensis aquaculture was developed including the induction for reproduction, maintenance the benthic, pelagic larvae and juveniles, fattening diets, natural bioactives for diseases treatment, etc. Their culture with another species as sea urchins and algae, and their ability to reduce negative effects from another cultures was also tested obtaining good results on biorremediation.

Portugal, China, Australia, French Polynesia