FAO consultancy: development of sea cucumber aquaculture in Turkey


FAO (Food & Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations)


Dr. Mercedes Wangüemert was hired as specialist on sea cucumber aquaculture by FAO (NFI section, Fisheries and Aquaculture Department’s United Nations Task Force) under the project “Blue Hope Initiative in the Mediterranean Sea” (TCP/INT/3702; FAO’s Blue Growth Initiative: Blue Hope Project).

Between her duties, she provided advice about the best target species to be cultured in Turkey, assessed the feasibility of sea cucumber aquaculture for production of beche-de-mer and fresh/frozen product to be exported, and for restocking actions under a fishery management planning, evaluated the suitable sites to carry out this project, and reviewed the budget and proposal project from Public Institutions to develop the sea cucumber aquaculture in Turkey, under monoculture and IMTA systems to be used under fish cages and mussel farms.

Turkey, Italy and Spain