Identification of sea cucumber commercial species inhabiting the Murcia coasts and first assessment of their stocks.


FARM (Asociación de Empresas de Acuicultura de la Región de Murcia)

GALPEMUR (Grupo de Acción Local de Pesca y Acuicultura de la Región de Murcia)

Región de Murcia

Ministerio de Agricultura, Pesca y Alimentación


This project rises up as a need from GALPEMUR and FARM, local organizations looking for new fishery resources from Murcia waters. This project will allow us to identify the sea cucumber species with commercial values inhabiting Murcia coasts. Later, the  size distribution, abundance and density of those target species will be studied and available biomass estimated. Information obtained from this project will allow to assess the potential of sea cucumber as fishery and aquaculture resource in Murcia region (SE Spain).

Murcia, Spain