Global capture fisheries production in 2018 reached a record 96.4 million tonnes. In the case of sea cucumber, the most important catches were focused on Japanese sea cucumber (Apostichopus japonicus), reaching 126.6 thousand tonnes in 2010 to increase until 204.7 thousand tonnes in 2016. Most of the sea cucumber stocks (70%) are depleted or overexploited around the world, being more of 16 species included on the Red List (IUCN) with vulnerable or endangered status. A right identification of the commercial species, assessment of their stocks, evaluation of the sustainability of their fisheries and the development of a right management, are mandatory to avoid the overexploitation of this resource on a boom-and-bust system.

Wangüemert Fisheries Management and Aquaculture SLU offers a complete service of consultancy on this field, having previous experience developed at different countries on collaboration with Public Fisheries Institutions.


Our company furnishes its clients with an accurate assessment of sea cucumber stocks, evaluating its potential as marine resource to be exploited under sustainability criteria. We carry out the taxonomical identification of commercial species (morphological criteria and molecular barcoding) and assess their populations using traditional and innovative tools estimating length vs weight relationships, sex-ratio, effective sizes using molecular markers, etc. This information allows us to evaluate the suitability of a sea cucumber species to be exploited and provides essential data to establish a right management of these resources.



Confirmed the potential to be exploited, our company implements the different phases to establish a sustainable exploitation of the target species providing first, an annual experimental planning for catches with a preliminary evaluation of the fishery effects on wild stocks. Later, we could present a definitive planning for exploitation management based on biological and genetic criteria.

Establishment of criteria and features to create a marine protected area focused on sea cucumber and its following management, are another services offered by our company, mainly on those regions showing heavy fisheries and over-exploited sea cucumber stocks.


Our company has focused its experience on commercial sea cucumber from Mediterranean Sea and NE Atlantic mainly, although consultancy for another temperate and tropical species can also be provided.