FAO consultancy: Sea Cucumber Fisheries Management Plan in Liberia


FAO (Food & Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations)


FAO Subregional Office for West Africa (SFW) hired Dr. Wangüemert as consultant to prepare a Sea Cucumber Fisheries Management Plan (SCFMP) to be implemented by NaFAA (National Fisheries and Aquaculture Authority) in Liberia, being the first FMP specific in the country. This SCFMP was reviewed and discussed in Monrovia (10-11th April 2023) between the different sectors linked with the sea cucumber fisheries, and a final version was validated, arriving a fully endorsed SCFMP with some minor modifications included. This SCFMP will be implemented during the next 5 years and the effects of the management measures on fisheries will be assessed in the wild stocks each year.