Assessment of coastal areas for sea cucumber aquaculture in Angola. Identification of commercial species.


Marine Atlantic-Sustainable Fisheries, S.L.
The 13th Door Lda


The development of aquaculture in Angola is a new strategy adopted by the National Government through the Ministry of Fisheries for the alleviation of poverty. The National Fishery Research Institute carried out an assessment to determine new potential areas for aquaculture. In 2016, the Ministério das Pescas considering that aquaculture has an essential role in the economical diversification of Angola and allows the promotion of employment for women and young men, created a new program for aquaculture development (Plano Nacional de Desenvolvimento, PND, 2013-2017) funded with seven millions euros (1,037 billions of kwanzas).

Under this framework, Dr. Wangüemert was hired to carry out an assessment of the suitability of several areas from Angola coast for sea cucumber aquaculture which emerges, as a very good future investment in Angola, considering the increasing demand of this product from Asiatic market. The identification of sea cucumber commercial species was also done in this region.