The Blue Growth Summit. Surcando las oportunidades. Encuentro para el fomento del emprendimiento azul sostenible.

Un encuentro reúne a especialistas para dar a conocer a juventud importancia del emprendimiento azul sostenible (

Acuicultura y biotecnología como oportunidades de Crecimiento Azul para emprendedores de Andalucía y España (

Wangüemert Fisheries Management & Aquaculture SLU (WANGUMAR) participated the last 25th November 2020 in the round table “The Blue Growth Summit. Sailing the oportunities” organized by Sieneva Foundation ( under the “Empleaverde” program from Biodiversity Foundation (European Social Funds). During this event, several companies working on marine aquaculture and biotechnology showed their projects and main services provided.

Our company, showed two of its main working lines, aquaculture for sea cucumber production and its use for bioremediation on IMTA systems, and the extraction of bioactives from several sea cucumber species inhabiting the Mediterranean and NE Atlantic coasts.