In July 2021, the Spanish Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Feeding (MAPA) published a Catalogue of Good Practices on Local Development Program (DLP) funded by FEMP (European Union, EU). This catalogue is including the best projects funded in Spain (2019-2020 call) belonging to the different lines such as diversification of marine resources, governance, environment, socio-cultural aspects and added values.


Our project Identification and assessment of sea cucumber stocks from Murcia Region (SE Spain) led by Dr. Mercedes Wangüemert, as director of the WANGUMAR SLU company, has been considered one of the best examples of “good practices” according FAO and EU criteria: successful/positive impact, sustainable under an environmental, social and cultural point of view, sensitive with disadvantaged groups, transferable, innovation, entrepreneurship, result from a participative process, durability, and creation of employment. Interesting information about our project and first results could be downloaded from the webpage of Spanish Network of Fishery Groups (REGP, Red Española de Grupos de Pesca) (pp 109-114;